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A few time lapse videos of downtown Durham from an LG 360 cam http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2016/9/a-few-time-lapse-videos-of-downtown-durham-from-an-lg-360-cam A 1800 degree time lapse of downtown Durham during Centerfest 2016A 1800 degree time lapse of downtown Durham during Centerfest 2016


Music by http://bensound.com

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Hummingbird fun http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2016/6/hummingbird-fun I setup my camera to capture these little beauties at high speed here are a couple of clips.  It's kind of fun to see how they fly in slow motion.


Slow Motion Humming Bird 1Humming Bird in slow motion Slow Motion Humming Bird 2Humming Bird in slow motion

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BullCity Pictures Visits Bull Durham Beer Co. http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2016/5/bullcity-pictures-visits-bull-durham-beer-co VLOG

Here is my very first vlog please let me know what you think in the comments below. This video features an interview with Brad and a look at Bull Durham Brewery located inside of Durham Bulls Stadium. 





To say I was excited to visit Bull Durham Beer Company this past weekend was a huge understatement.  I love going to Durham Bulls Stadium any chance I get and I am also a home brewer so I was excited to chat with Brad and Garrett.  I couldn't wait to see and hear about all of the great things they were doing from their brewery located inside of the Durham Bulls Stadium.  

Brad met me in the lobby and brought me upstairs to the brewery.  I was amazed to see how much brewing equipment they had in a fairly small area inside of the park.   

Bull Durham Beer Company produces 4 different brews that they sell at the park during Bulls games.  They have a White IPA (yummy), Kolsh (also yummy), Wheat, and Amber Ale.  Brad gave me a tour of the brewery then we went upstairs for a quick interview for the vlog.  I have to say I have never been behind the scenes at Bull Park but man is it beautiful.  After the interview we went back down to the brewery where I spent some time geeking out about brewing with Garrett who is a brewer there.  He spent quite a bit of time with me getting into some very technical details about their brewing process.  He showed my their state of the art brewing system from Germany.  He also told me that their beer is doing so well that they are brewing nearly every day to keep up with demand. After chatting, Garrett offered a White IPA which I have to say was really, really good.  I also tried the Kolsh which was fantastic!  Garrett told me the story of how the Kolsh was served at a wedding where one of the guests was about to open Bull Durham Beer Company and was so impressed he asked the now Executive Brewer Sabastian Wolfrum to run the brewery. 

Brad also explained that they are working on getting some space adjacent to the brewery for a year round tap room.  He also let me know that they will soon be distributing their beer in the Durham area with possible future expansion to the rest of the triangle.  Look for the taproom to open this summer or fall right next to Only Burger on Blackwell St.

The next time you take in a Bulls Game and would love a fresh locally brewed (locally as in within step of the serving area) stop by Bull Durham Beer Company and say hello to Brad and the crew there.  Also check out their "Bottoms Up" filling system the most unique way to pour a beer that I have ever seen. Check out their website for more info:






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Lucia Durham. If you love Italian Food you will marry Lucia http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2016/4/lucia-durham-if-you-love-italian-food-you-will-marry-lucia I will start by stating I am not a food critic but I am an Italian that loves to cook and I know great food. I will also state that I was not paid to write this blog post. I had the chance to get over to Lucia in downtown Durham this past weekend and I have to say I was blown away at every turn.  From the elegant decor with rich dark woods throughout to the amazing food and everything in between my experience at Lucia was simply incredible.  Lucia is a from scratch traditional Italian restaurant and bar.  Their pasta is made from scratch (and gluten free)  and they use only the freshest local ingredients in all of their dishes.  

Lucia uses only the freshest ingredients in all of their dishes

Their pizza is cooked in a wood fired oven and topped with mozzarella cheese made fresh daily on site.  If you haven't had pizza from a wood fired oven with fresh cheese you haven't lived...seriously.  

Quite simply put the Pappardelle with wild boar ragu, stracciatella was the best Italian dish I have ever had.  If you try nothing else at Lucia give this dish a shot you will not be sorry.  I can't describe in words exactly how delicious this dish is. 

The Tiramisu was straight our of dessert heaven if you like a rich, creamy, tasty, dessert you can't go wrong with this amazing treat.

Chef Matt Greiner and team have created an experience you just have to live to believe. On a nice Durham day or night check out their spacious patio for a great outdoor dining experience. 

Want to just grab a drink or two and an appetizer with friends? Check out the great bar. 


If you are looking for great food in a upscale environment with amazing desserts it's hard to beat Lucia in downtown Durham. 

Check out their website at http://luciadurham.com/ for more information 




phil@bullcity.pictures (BullCity Pictures) Durham Durham NC Italian Italian food dessert downtown food pasta pizza http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2016/4/lucia-durham-if-you-love-italian-food-you-will-marry-lucia Wed, 27 Apr 2016 18:26:12 GMT
Bull City Cigar http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2016/4/bull-city-cigar In the morning it was raining like crazy but it turned out to be a great afternoon so I was out and about and decided to stop into Bull City Cigar to check out their shop.  It was a bit hard to find at first but I managed to find it just off 9th street downtown.  What a cool place.  

When I walked in I was greeted with a huge Cigar sign, behind it was a gentlemen hand rolling cigars.   

What?  They are actually hand rolling cigars here in the Bull City...say it isn't so.  I walked through and had a look at the great selection of hand rolled cigars to choose from.  


I then walked into the room where they are made.  I watched for a bit a took a couple of shot of the process. It was pretty cool to see them being made before my eyes.  I didn't have the chance to try one but I can imagine how good they are. 


If you are into cigars you may want to swing by for a smoke or two.  

Check out their website at http://www.bullcitycigars.com/​

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The Doors of Durham http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2016/3/the-doors-of-durham As I wander around the beautiful Bull City I have noticed that along with beautiful classic and modern architecture we have some amazing doors.  I figured why not take some shots of these doors or gates as I take other images.  There will be many more to come but here are a few of the interesting doors I saw on a recent photo walk.  I hope you enjoy them.

phil@bullcity.pictures (BullCity Pictures) doors doors of durham http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2016/3/the-doors-of-durham Fri, 25 Mar 2016 15:03:00 GMT
Had a great time on a photo walk with new friends http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2016/3/had-a-great-time-on-a-photo-walk-with-new-friends The three of us has plans to go on the photo-walk yesterday but it seemed that Mother Nature would alter those plans for us.  We decided that no matter what she would throw at us we were going to meet at 1 and see what happened.  We met at Bull City Burger and Brewery at 1 and the rain was falling.  We decided that we would head out come what may on the weather front.  About 10 minutes into our adventure the rain had stopped and the skies were just perfect for getting some drama in our shots.  We roamed downtown and the American Tobacco Campus for a couple of hours.  Here are some of the shots from that walk.  Hope you enjoy.  Check out the Instagram accounts of my new friends  @therealpizzo and  @whitedovestudios



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An 80 degree day in early March...I just had to get out http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2016/3/an-80-degree-day-in-early-march-i-just-had-to-get-out I just couldn't let this beautiful day pass without heading downtown and roaming around for a couple of hours.  It was great to see others out and about I even stopped by the ball park to see how it was looking.  It's look play ready to my untrained eye.  Can't wait for the Bulls to return.... it won't be long now.


phil@bullcity.pictures (BullCity Pictures) http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2016/3/an-80-degree-day-in-early-march-i-just-had-to-get-out Wed, 09 Mar 2016 16:19:00 GMT
Beautiful Downtown Durham at sunset http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2016/3/beautiful-downtown-durham-at-sunset If you haven't had the chance to roam downtown Durham at sunset you have no idea what you are missing!  The sunlight kissing the beautiful building downtown is a sight to behold.  Here are a few shots of The Durham Hotel, the Duke Clinical Research institute Building, and the Post Office downtown.  If you haven't seen this with your own two eyes take a stroll on a cloud free night you won't regret it I promise. 

The setting sun just makes everything so much more brilliant and colorful. 

phil@bullcity.pictures (BullCity Pictures) Durham Hotel sunset http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2016/3/beautiful-downtown-durham-at-sunset Wed, 02 Mar 2016 20:11:00 GMT
Rocks Bar and Barber Shop http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2016/3/rocks-bar-and-barber-shop

Saying I am not a fan of getting a hair cut is the understatement of the century.  The idea of having to go sit in an uncomfortable chair and strike up an artificial conversation about the weather or some other meaningless subject doesn't make me happy.  Enter Rock's Bar and Hair Shop.  From the moment you walk into the salon you just get a feeling of comfort.  The beautiful warm tones of the wood grain, the music being played, the bar in the back, and a view from the patio all really make a fellow feel welcomed.  

I had the pleasure of having Powell as my stylist.  He made me feel at ease and comfortable from the beginning.   He walked over to the bar where I was enjoying a complementary IPA on tap while I waited for my stylist.  It was a Monday at around 4:30 and I was frankly surprised to see that there was a wait.  No worries I got to take some photos and sip on my delicious IPA.  I could have also relived a bit of my childhood with the pinball machine but I was busy getting photos.  

To call the experience "getting a haircut" is a server injustice to the process.  Powell introduce himself and explained how things worked since this was my first time there.  It started with Powell getting the info about the type of cut I wanted.  He then offered a hot towel for my face while he gave my hair a shampoo.  I could have easily fallen asleep with the hot towel on my face and the extra comfy chair.  Let's not underestimate the value of a comfy chair.  I felt very comfortable talking with Powell and I kind of felt like I was chatting with a friend.  It was great to see that the staff got along very well and they were joking with one another and the customers thought my experience.  

Having been a Great Clips guy in the past I did ponder for just a minute if the extra cost compared to Great Clips was worth it to me.  I quickly realized that it was more than worth the extra cost.  Like I had said this is a complete hair care experience not just a hair cut.  The fact that I got to enjoy a beer while I was waiting certainly didn't hurt.  They have lots of beer on tap and in bottles and you can even take some great craft brews home with you.  I was thrilled to see the Sumttynose Big Beer Series.  Smuttynose is one of my favorite breweries, having grown up in New England I made many a trip to Smuttynose, but I digress.

If you are looking for a complete hair care experience I would venture to say you couldn't find a better one in the area.  Stop in and say hello to the very friendly staff then stay for a hair care experience second to none.  Check out their website for more info and some more photos.


phil@bullcity.pictures (BullCity Pictures) Bar Rocks barber shop hair http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2016/3/rocks-bar-and-barber-shop Tue, 01 Mar 2016 20:23:00 GMT
What a great weekend we had this past weekend http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2016/2/what-a-great-weekend-we-had-this-past-weekend With temps in the mid 60's in mid February I just had to get out and grab some images of the beautiful Bull City.  There are so many great murals in the city there will be more to come for sure.  Click on any image below to see a full sized view.

phil@bullcity.pictures (BullCity Pictures) weekend http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2016/2/what-a-great-weekend-we-had-this-past-weekend Sun, 28 Feb 2016 20:32:00 GMT
What an amazing night of great food and great beer at the Oval Park Grille Full Steam Beer Dinner http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2015/12/what-an-amazing-night-of-great-food-and-great-beer-at-the-oval-park-grille

I don't get out these days as much as I would like so I was excited to attend the Full Steam Beer Dinner at the Oval Park Grille.  At 6:30 or so Chef Todd and his crew brought out what was the first of 5 course to be paired with a FullSteam beer.  Each of the 5 courses was an amazing treat for the taste buds, pair that we some amazing and unique brews from FullSteam and you have an awesome night of amazing food and beer!  Dominic from Oval Park Grille and Dave from FullSteam put together one amazing night.  I may have to spend an extra 30 minutes on the tread mill thanks to those two.  If you have never been to Oval Park Grille or FullSteam Brewery you owe it to yourself to get over there and enjoy great food and amazing an unique brews. 

Chef Todd hard at work preparing a 5 course meal

Pumpkin pierogies with sage, brown butter and manchego cheese a truly amazing dish

Assorted sausage and charcuterie plate

Korean barbecue wing with black sesame seeds, superb! 

FullSteam brought the goodness with 5 delicious and unique brews that were well paired with each course

Braised pork cheek with crispy pancetta, poached egg, polenta and fried shallots paired with Working Man's Lunch. You guessed it amazing!  This is my new favorite beer. 

For more in check out their website at:




phil@bullcity.pictures (BullCity Pictures) Beer Food Fullsteam Oval Park Grille http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2015/12/what-an-amazing-night-of-great-food-and-great-beer-at-the-oval-park-grille Fri, 11 Dec 2015 20:35:00 GMT
American Tobacco in all of her Holiday Glory http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2015/11/american-tobacco-in-all-of-her-holiday-glory I have to admit it I just can't stay away from the American Tobacco Campus.  I headed out yesterday to give my Fuji XT1 a proper workout.  The campus looks amazing all dressed up in holiday colors.  If you haven't been it's worth the trip.  Here are a few shots from a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the Bull City

phil@bullcity.pictures (BullCity Pictures) American Tobacco holiday http://bullcity.pictures/blog/2015/11/american-tobacco-in-all-of-her-holiday-glory Sun, 29 Nov 2015 20:58:00 GMT